// Fixing the lack of support for transparent PNG images in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6: my favorites

It is an old problem, but still actual: MSIE 5.5/6 does not support alpha channel transparency in PNG (at least in PNG-24). If you google it, you will get many results. The reason why I am blogging about is the different quality and heaviness of the thousands of existing fixes, it is not easy to know which are the good ones if you never used them. Therefore I want to share my personal favorites. I'm creating websites for years now, and there are two freely available fixes which always did the job for me:1)

as long as you as you ignore the flaw that JavaScript has to be active
licensed under LGPL
licensed under GPL
I'm no native speaker (English)
Please let me know if you find any errors (I want to improve my English skills). Thank you!
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