// DokuWiki templates: new versions of monobook, vector, prsnl10 and mnml-blog

I just released updated versions of the following DokuWiki templates:

  • vector – current MediaWiki/Wikipedia look and feel.
  • monobook – traditional MediaWiki/Wikipedia look and feel.
  • prsnl10 – minimalist template, suitable for portfolio and personal websites.
  • mnml-blog – minimalist template, suitable for blogging with BlogTNG.

All of them are compatible to “Angua” and its awesome new media manager. Have fun. :-)

// Happy new year

The year is nearly over and it is time to wish all of you a happy new year 2011. :-)

Happy new year!
Picture source: Wikimedia Commons

// Winter

Before 2010 is over and all snow melted away, a few winter snapshots taken at the neighboring place four days ago.

// New versions of "monobook" and "vector" released (templates for DokuWiki)

I just released updated versions of “monobook” and “vector” (mostly bug-fixes). These templates are bringing you the traditional or current MediaWiki/Wikipedia look and feel for your DokuWiki.

Have fun. :-)

// R.I.P. coffeemaker

Our coffeemaker at the office died today. :-( :-( :-(

Dead coffeemaker :-(

And how should a geek be able to work without coffee? Therefore we are going to buy this one ASAP:
Philips HD 5410/00 Cafe Gourmet :-D

// What the hell? WP's new default theme "Twenty Ten" feels so familiar to me...

WordPress 3.0 is out. Normally, nothing important to me because I never used WP for blogging or something else (I don't trust its security). But now, I'm puzzled: The new default theme “Twenty Ten” got a very similar look and feel compared to my “mnml-blog” DokuWiki template I created for this blog.

Don't get me wrong: No one copied something from someone. I saw “Twenty Ten” the first time today after reading the article about WP 3.0. Additionally, I'm pretty sure no WordPress developer ever visited my small blog and “Twenty Ten” was started far before I began to develop “mnml-blog”. But it is frustrating to me that thousands of blogs will now look similar to mine. Argh. :-/

However, I have to live with it. It took a few days to create “mnml-blog” and I'm still very happy with it's look, therefore I will keep it. Shit happens. ;-)

// PHP: Happy 15th Birthday!

Fifteen successful years are gone since Rasmus Lerdorf released PHP 1.0 – a long time for a software, especially for a language generally grown and maintained as an open source project. Here's to the next 15 years!

I did my first steps regarding web development with PHP3, first serious projects with PHP4.1 (back then, MSIE 6 was brand new and innovative as hell LOL).

Some links, containing more background information:

// Spring

// Alles neu

I just redesigned my blog and came to the decision to write my coming postings in English.1) Reasons are various, mostly I want to improve my English skills. Additionally, my blog will get a strong focus on the internet and its technical background. I simply reach more persons with English because even most non-native speakers working as web developers should understand English good enough to get the information they might want. ;-)

In this spirit: Alles neu2)

The exception proves the rule – some stuff may have a focus on Germany, and these posting will be written in German. Stuff close to my heart may be released in both languages.
German for “everything new”

// New GnuPG public key

  • Download3) (also available via common keyservers)
  • Key-ID: 0x423B2839
  • Key-Fingerprint: 4E2C 79E1 C986 36B4 CE7B 193D ECC4 69C3 423B 2839

I will write a posting about this key during the next weeks or so (Update: There it is). It comes with a nice hierarchy, making subkey changes possible without loosing the WebOfTrust plus usage of the best fitting algorithm for the different tasks.

This URL always points to the latest key I am using – If I have to replace my current key for whatever reason, you'll get the new one here.

// Es wird Winter im Ländle

// Omen

Wenn das mal kein gutes Omen ist – kaum befindet sich die Gesellschaft für das aktuelle Projekt in der Gründung, findet sich bei Florian folgender Zettel in einem Glückskeks:

Glückskekszettel vom Dienstag, 2008-05-06

Sachen gibt's… *lol* :-D

I'm no native speaker (English)
Please let me know if you find any errors (I want to improve my English skills). Thank you!
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