// New GnuPG public key

  • Download1) (also available via common keyservers)
  • Key-ID: 0x423B2839
  • Key-Fingerprint: 4E2C 79E1 C986 36B4 CE7B 193D ECC4 69C3 423B 2839

I will write a posting about this key during the next weeks or so (Update: There it is). It comes with a nice hierarchy, making subkey changes possible without loosing the WebOfTrust plus usage of the best fitting algorithm for the different tasks.

This URL always points to the latest key I am using – If I have to replace my current key for whatever reason, you'll get the new one here.

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I'm no native speaker (English)
Please let me know if you find any errors (I want to improve my English skills). Thank you!
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