// How to create a DokuWiki based blog (BlogTNG plugin)

Using DokuWiki is fun. It gives you all you need to manage different types of content like common text, quotes, files, data tables and source code. It displays your content in a proper way, including typography replacements and many other features (see Syntax for some examples). It is especially perfect to write about IT where console output or code snippets matter. You can even include RSS feeds and create galleries with a single line of text. Additionally, DokuWiki is very easy to administrate and maintain (this is my personal killer feature). Installing updates is damn simple (in principle, you just have to copy the new files over the old ones). And you can do backups by downloading everything from your webserver. No database dumps and stuff needed. Because plain text files are used as storage, you can even access the raw data offline with a simple text editor.1) So why not using DokuWiki as easy maintainable blog? Exactly!

There are two common ways to create a DokuWiki based weblog. The traditional one, using the Blog plugin in combination with a bunch of others.2) And the new BlogTNG plugin which is meant as successor of the Blog plugin and already contains components like comments and tags. The following text is about creating a cool WikiBlog with BlogTNG. 8-)

which is perfect e.g. if you screwed your webserver and documented its configuration in the wiki running on it. ;-) Just open the last backup and access the text files you need in the pages subdir of DokuWiki's data directory
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