// VPN Uni Freiburg: use it with Ubuntu Linux

I helped my girlfriend's sister to configure the university's VPN on her Ubuntu notebook a few weeks ago. The available documents simply… :-x. Only two PDFs are containing some hints. Additionally, the IT guys can't help you.1)

However… it worked after all. If someone has the same problem, here are a my hints to get the University Freiburg VPN connection established:

  1. Install VPNC:2) sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc
    Please restart your network or reboot after installation, otherwise it may not work.
  2. Open the network manager/VPN applet:
  3. Click on “Add…”. A wizard opens, helping you to create the needed VPN profile. Please choose “Cisco compatible VPN client (vpnc)” and click on “Create…”.
  4. “Username” is your RZ account username.
  5. “Password” is your RAS password (:!: NOT your common RZ account password).
  6. Fill out the gateway3) and groupname + grouppassword:
    • if you are using the campus network (WLAN/red LAN boxes):
      ipsec-rz.vpn.uni-freiburg.de and campus + campus
    • if you want to connect via internet:
      home-rz.vpn.uni-freiburg.de and home + home
  7. Choose NAT-T as NAT-Traversal.

Now you should be able to establish/close the connection by a simple click on the VPN profile using the network manager applet (look at the first screenshot, there you can see the profile “VPN Uni Freiburg Home” I created before writing this post). Hope that helps :-)

really, the RZ support is not able to help 'cause the guys there simply don't know what to do.
VPNC will be embedded into the common VPN GUI of the GNOME network manager, you will find some more options after installing it.
I'm no native speaker (English)
Please let me know if you find any errors (I want to improve my English skills). Thank you!
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