// How to create a QR Code business card

QR Codes on business cards are really useful because you can use them to store your contact data as vCard. This makes importing your data on mobiles very quick and comfortable for others.

Getting high quality QR Code business cards is really easy:

  1. Open http://goQR.me to create the QR Code. Select the vCard tab and enter your data. Click on the business card icon afterwards to open the shop.
    Screenshot: 1. Enter the data 2. Click on the business card logo to open the shop.
  2. Choose the type of business card you like. Your QR Code (in a high resolution) and provided contact data is automatically applied on them.
  3. Customize it. You can add additional pictures and text as you like, simply use the provided tools if you wish.
    Screenshot: customizing tools
  4. Order it. Quiet simple, isn't it? :-)

Tips and tricks

  • Don't care about the QR Code resolution. goQR.me creates a high quality QR Code automatically if you are opening the shop.
  • You can colorize you QR Code at goQR.me. Have a look at the “Options” button.

Disclosure: goQR.me is a service of my company.

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