// How to create a cool QR Code T-shirt or Sweatshirt

QR Codes are cool. And they are even cooler if you put them on a shirt :-). Think about wearing:

  • your Website/Twitter/Facebook profile
  • your vCard or contact data
  • a message you normally wouldn't print on a T-shirt, using a QR Code to “hide” it. ;-)

Getting high quality QR Code apparel is really easy:

  1. Open http://goQR.me to create the QR Code (I use the address of my Blog as example). Click on the T-shirt symbol afterwards to open the shop.
    Screenshot: 1. Enter the data 2. Click on the T-shirt symbol to open the apparel shop.
  2. Choose the product you like (there are hoodies, Sweater, shirts etc.). Your QR Code is automatically applied on them in a high resolution.
  3. Customize it. You can add additional pictures and text as you like, simply use the provided tools if you wish.
    Screenshot: customizing tools
  4. Order it. Quiet simple, isn't it? :-)

Tips and tricks

Disclosure: goQR.me is a service of my company. I like QR Code T-shirts and maybe you like them as well. And when you do and buy them, you will make me rich and I can go and buy even more shirts… LOL

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