// My favorite android applications [Update]

:!: The app names are linking QR Code images,1) containing an Android Market search query. Simply scan the code2) and visit the URL to install. You don't have to type in the stuff on your phone.

Must haves

  • Barcode Scanner - Reads 1D and 2D Barcodes (like QR Code).
  • BeamReader - IMHO the best PDF viewer (does not crash when opening very large PDF files like others).
  • ASTRO File Manager - Basic file manager.
  • ConnectBot - OpenSource SSH and Telnet client/terminal.
  • Last.fm - what to say? Last.fm for your phone..
  • K-9 Mail - OpenSource Email client, much better than the default one.3) Supports e.g. signatures, better IMAP, attachment2SDCard and much more.
  • NetCounter - Keeps track of your GSM/UMTS and WLAN traffic.
  • Signals - Quick overview over important signal codes like ASCII, Morse Codes, US Police Codes and stuff.
  • nswPlayer - Advanced Media Player (Video…).
  • TaskPanel - I really don't know why Android does not have a build-in TaskManager like this one…4)
  • Unit Converter - Convert different units into others (e.g miles2km etc.). Support for really many units.
  • Wifi Analyzer - Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

Nice to have

  • i-nigma - A QR Code scanner with a better pattern recognition as “Barcode Scanner” but less features and a crappy UI.
  • aTrackDog - Keep track of app updates for all your installed stuff (IMHO more comfortable than opening “Market → Downloads”).
  • FahrplanDE - timetable for Deutsche Bahn.
  • Twitter - what to say? Twitter for your phone.
  • Facebook - what to say? Facebook for your phone (I use it more often there than on my PC).
  • Leo - LEO dictionary for your phone.
  • Layar - augmented reality browser.
  • Bubble - simple spirit level for your phone (I know - there will be one day, I am happy to have this even I did not “really” used it until now)
  • Shazam - Listens to music and shows you which track was played.
  • Sniper shot! - Because the enemy sits next to you ;-) LOL
  • Speed Test - speedtest.net for your phone.
  • Talk To Me - Translates spoken stuff - not perfect but good enough. Really impressive.
created with goQR.me/QR-Server
e.g. with the mentioned “Barcode Scanner”
but internally based on it
but you should not kill everything at any time: Hintergrund: Arbeitsspeicher-Verwaltung unter Android :lang_de:


No. 1 @ 2011/11/04 11:16

Your favorite Android apps? Here is an Android barcode reader I found interesting~ It is so versatile that it reads over 20 major barcode types~ I wanna recommend this to you cuz I saw a QR code at the right side~

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