// Global DNS problems regarding the .de Top Level Domain [Update2]

Half of the Internet seems to be down today. Most sites I wanted to visit where not accessible because of a timeout.1)

First I thought the DNS server of my provider is down, this would not be the first time. But the problem still exists after switching to another, non-provider DNS server. Doing some research, it comes to light that there seems to be a serious problem regarding the whole .de-TLD caused by the DENIC root nameservers. Seriously – WTF?! 8-O 8-O

If this is true, it will be a really big problem. Should DENIC not fix it within the next hours, most .de based sites will not be reachable (at least if the provider DNS-caches are empty, common DNS A-RRs configurations got a TTL of 86400sec/1day).

Update: Yes, it is really a DENIC fail. So don't blame your provider and/or admin if your .de website is not reachable within the next hours.

Update2: DENIC released a public statement about the issue.

e.g. ping andreas-haerter.de results in ping: “unknown host andreas-haerter.de”

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